Why Viper Volleyball Academy was Established

Wayne Felker, the president of Viper Volleyball Academy, has played and coached volleyball for over 30 years. He has had success as a player and as a coach, at all different levels, including the college level. He has a real passion for coaching volleyball to individuals who are eager to learn.

There are a lot of volleyball travel teams in the Burlington, Hamilton and St. Catharines areas. Not all players are fortunate enough to make a travel team, but then there is nowhere for them to practice to improve their skills to try again the following year. Nor is there a place for them to play at a recreational level. For this reason many young players leave the sport as they are discouraged because they can’t find a place to play.

Volleyball has a very simple concept, defy the laws of gravity. Do not let the ball hit the ground on your side of the court. Volleyball is a very unique sport. All other sports that include passing an object like a ball or a puck allow the object to be caught or stopped before you advance the object. Volleyball is the only sport where the ball must be in constant motion and cannot be caught or stopped when passed to another player. This is what makes volleyball such a difficult game to play and for many young players, this frustrates them, as they are not given the proper coaching at an early age to achieve success in this skill. To make it even more difficult, young players are usually exposed to volleyball in school, where poor quality balls are used that hurt the player’s arms when they pass the ball. As a result of these bad experiences, they don’t want to play volleyball.

Volleyball is a very social sport. It is also a true team sport. One player on a team cannot dominate without help from his/her teammates. The best spiker, is only as good as his/her setter. The setter is only as good as his/her passers. Therefore, everyone is equally important on the volleyball team.

During my coaching experience with young players, the one thing they all seem to like is there is not a lot of running required in volleyball. Volleyball is a speed, power and agility game. It is not an aerobic sport. Most volleyball rallies, last approx. 8-12 seconds. The breaks between the rallies are approx. 16-20 seconds. Therefore, endurance training created by running laps does not benefit a volleyball player. Unlike basketball, hockey, soccer, football, lacrosse and similar sports which place a large emphasis on running to develop cardio and endurance. 

With the increased knowledge of concussions and their long term consequences, more and more parents are looking for alternative sports from the traditional basketball, hockey, soccer, football and lacrosse, which have a higher rate of concussions associated with their sport. Volleyball unlike the other major team sports has a relatively low rate of concussions for a major sport.

There is no youth volleyball in the Grimsby, Beamsville or Smithville areas. It is for this reason that Viper Volleyball Academy was created. To provide high quality coaching to young individuals, so they can learn the proper skills at an early age so they will develop the love of the game and have a positive volleyball experience. This will allow them to pursue playing for their school, a club team or just for fun in a recreational league.

It is Viper Volleyball Academy’s Mission to develop a high quality youth volleyball training centre, which will provide a safe environment, to allow girls and boys to have fun learning and playing the game of volleyball, no matter their skill level, whether it is on a house league or on a competitive travel team, it is through this success that they will gain confidence in life.