Coaching Philosophy

Every player is an individual and as such, must be coached as an individual. What works for one player may not work for another player. Make it fun and creative to engage the player to learn. The coach must adjust to the team he has and not the other way around. Coach the players you have and not the players you wish you had. Build the player’s foundation first. Footwork is the foundation of volleyball. Without proper footwork you cannot teach any other skills in volleyball. Don’t coach tactically what you cannot do technically. It is the coach's role to push the players to improve, and the coach must know how far and which players he can push. As a coach, I will continue to attend coaching clinics so that I can remain up to date in my coaching techniques. This will allow me to provide the best coaching experience I can for my players. Through sport we gain confidence in life.

Better the ball!

-Wayne Felker